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MVCUG Officers

Officers for 2019-2020

Office Current Holder
President & Dictator for Life John Buono
Vice President (MacOS) Barry Midgorden*
Vice President (Windows)* Mike McLain*
Note: Barry and Mike use the same email address here, so if you send one an email, both will get it.
Treasurer Carolyn McLain
Genealogy SIG Chair Donne Puckle
Webmaster Jim Emmons

Nomination and Election of Officers

With the exception of the President, Group officers are nominated at the August meeting, and the election takes place at the September meeting. Each officer's term is one year, and the officers may hold the offices for more than one term.

We are always looking for involved members to participate in the club's activities. If you want to help with the direction of the club, or have a bigger voice in what goes on, you can volunteer for one of the open positions below, or you can run for office at our annual July nominating session or be voted into office in September. Good Luck!