Bulletin Board

The MVCUG has a bulletin board where members can post questions, comments, and other bits of interest. This bulletin board is for members only, so if you are a member and you want to get in on the talks, you must register. To register, just go here: http://www.mvcug.org/bboard/. Your request will go to the Webmaster, who will then (after making sure you are a member) register you so you can go off and have fun on the bulletin board. We strongly recommend you take a few (dozen) minutes to explore and see what all the bulletin board can do - you will be amazed and pleased if you do.


The MVCUG uses Facebook to pass along information and announcements. To see what's going on, check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mountain-View-Computer-Users-Group/153542617998955.

MVCUG Members Mailing List

The MVCUG has a mailing list provided by Yahoo Groups. This list is for members only. To subscribe, please fill out the little form below. We will get your name and e-mail address, and if you are a member of the MVCUG, soon you'll be notified that you have been approved to join the list. You'll then start to get a little extra mail, and you'll be able to post messages to the list.

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Member Consulting Discount

MVCUG Members get Professional Consultation Discounts from the President, John Buono, and the Vice President, Barry Midgorden. For details, contact them through the mailing list, Facebook page, or at our monthly meetings. They are always happy to help.