Oct 14 2017

Next Meeting Agenda

Meeting Times: 9:00-noon
This Month’s Topics
  The Mike & Barry Show
  • Keeping Your PC & Mac Clean Part 2:
    • Maximizing your computer’s storage space
    • Preference files
    • Windows Registry
    • Clear out Downloads folder
    • Emptying Trash & Recycle Bin
    • Clean up iTunes library
    • Moving iTunes media (and/or Photos Library) to an external volume
    • Removing duplicates
      • macOS: Gemini 2
      • Windows: ??

Meeting Topics for 2017/2018

The topics for the upcoming year can be found here

Special Interest Groups

Until we can find accomodations that will support extra time and space, SIG meetings are cancelled. If there is a topic you want presented, talk with John, Barry, or Mike to see if we can do it at our regular meeting.