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May 2022

Meeting Location

Gathering Location:
Yes, we are staying in room G106in the Cochise College Downtown Center - see the floor diagram to find the room. The Cochise College Downtown Center is on the south-east corner of Wilcox and El Camino Real - the old hospital. The address is 2600 E. Wilcox Drive. Here’s a map. Look for the signs when you go in. See you there!.
Meeting Times:9:00 - Noon

May 14 2022

Digital Photography

Taking digital photos is undoubtedly one of the most common uses of our smartphones. It is easy to accumulate tens of thousands of photos over a relatively short period of time. But managing all these files becomes a challenge. Luckily, these phones/cameras we carry around are also powerful computing devices. And most of us have a desktop or laptop PC or Mac as well. Join us for an enlightening session putting the power of modern personal computing to use in managing, editing, and sharing our digital photos. We’ll also have the regular segments of terms, tips, favorites, and Q&A, of course.

By popular request, we will return to room G106 at the Cochise College Downtown Center, 2600 E. Wilcox Drive in Sierra Vista. Coffee, donuts, and bagels are provided free but we appreciate your donations to help offset MVCUG expenses.

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Every month’s meeting has the following recurring events. Sometimes they may even be in this order:

  • General Q&A
  • Club Business
  • Computer Lexicon Term of the Month
  • The main topic - see above
  • Tips of the Month (iOS, MacOS, Windows)
  • Sharing Favorites

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