Dec 10 2016

Next Meeting Topics

Desktop Systems 9:00-10:25 am
Mobile Systems 10:50-noon
This Month’s Topics

Application Use

  • Reader Ware (RW) for media collections (books, music, and videos)
  • Shopping apps (Safeway, Fry’s, CVS, Target)

New Meeting Place!

Effective our January 2017 meeting, we will be meeting in the Cochise County Complex on the north-east side of the intersection of AZ Highway 92 and Foothills Drive. Lots of parking - look for our signs when you get there. We will be meeting in the Conference Room - and they have free wifi!

Web Site Design

How do you like this new design? Do you like it, hate it, have suggestions? Let us know - soonest. Give your suggestions to John, Barry, Mike, or Carolyn at the meeting, or you can email me at Webmaster-at-mvcug-dot-org (usual replacement rules apply).